Saturday, 10 January 2009

Spanish metcon - WoD - 10/1/09

Came up with this in Spain

Ballistic warmup

then for time


135lb bench press
32kg K.B swing
65lb Cleans

this digs deep



16st6 said...

That was a tough one AND made the error of checking out Monday's class before I left - GULP!!


Happy saturday this one nearly tore me a new one!!

CFF1 said...

Well done this morning guys just a small taste of what is to come! Must admit i really enjoyed my coffee whilst watching you all working hard.
Saturday night is chocolate night as the zone starts on Monday cant wait!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Harris said...

Yep this one was real soul searcher!!

I'm wondering if Murray's computer isn't working this weekend as I've not had any abuse from him yet!! BLOOTER ARE YOU OUT THERE!!

I've just heard that we are doing Barbara on Monday, now thats a place where angels fear to tread!!

mcgavin said...

VERY tough saturday morning although not as tough as the few hours scotty will have to spend clearing out his trash lorry - sorry, car.

still a little sore after the week and not looking forward to seeing barbara again - we dont get on very well.

harris, i didnt see you at the saturday morning class - you sure you turned up?

mcgavin said...

saturday was very tough and still a little sore from the week - barbara is not something i am looking forward to.

harris, one of my new year resolutions is not to slag you off so much ya big fairy.