Thursday, 8 January 2009

New Year, New Goals - Benchmark month

What short term goals do you have?

Cindy rounds? 10 FULL rounds?
Fran time? Fran as Rxd?
Body weight?
Body Fat?
Muscle Up?

Post your goals

January will be bench mark month, to see where every one is, you will be re-tested in April, so why not post some short term goals to aspire to

We Will be kicking of tonight with a short workout called


75lb power snatches
75 reps
for time


mcgavin said...

goals definitely to be able to muscle ups and hand stand press ups in the workouts and to get to 20 rounds at cindy!

harris's goal is to remember which order the exercises come in at fight gone bad. he said last night that he deliberately messed it up as he was on to a poor first round score!

tap dancing monkey said...

Managed 75 reps tonight in 8.05... getting better slowly

CFF1 said...

2009 Goals

29rounds - Cindy, 2min30sec - Fran, Sub 8 min Helen, reduction in bodyfat by 4%

Tonight was Randy which was completed as R`xd in 5min38secs.

Had weighin and bodyfat measured tonight - 188lbs 10.6%

crossfit fife said...

2009 goals

26 rounds of cindy - 2 up
Sub 3min 30 Fran
8 min Helen

Randy as Rxd

5 min 53


2009 Goals

Cindy - 10 Rounds R'xd

Fran - R'xd in anytime

Littleredhead said...

Thats some great goals folks! Mine is to get consecutive muscle ups and Fran time down.

Harris said...

Mine is to do a set of Diane doing full handstand press ups! Did it this morning using ab mats, was well chuffed!! Oh and to keep on a having a laugh at Souter!!

Souter, you could of got one of the box jump boxes under your back side the other night when you were failing to do the wall ball shots!!

mcgavin said...

harris, you could have done an extra minute of box jumps at the fight gone bad if you hadnt gone to the wrong station. you ruined it for everyone.

your goal should be to improve your banter.

Harris said...

Yep I would've done it no problem as well, but you were sitting on the box while you were doing your wall ball shots!!

16st6 said...

Miaow!! PSML!

09 goals are to keep shifting the excess poundage so any body weight routines are easier and my username can be amended!

whale boy said...

2009 goals
fran time under 5.50
cindy 22 rounds +
reduction in bodyweight less than 200lb and bodyfat down to 14% or less, got bodyweight and body fat done on monday 216.6lb and 18%