Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"Nancy" - WoD - 14/01/09

Ballistic warmup

OHS skill warmup


400m run(new route paced out this morning due to ice)
95lb OHS

x 5


crossfit fife said...

Bad day! longer than my last effort 14min sumthing, need to check board and repost later, road was icy so could not run flat out, but just didnt have it today


YAY bagged my first rx'd girl Nancy!

Time quite high at just under 26 mins but I made the board!

Harris said...

13 mins 50 odd secs!!

Boy was it cold this morning, after falling on my backside during the first run my hands got so cold buy the end of the sesh that I thought they were gonna fall off!! I can't wait for Summer training!!

Top music this morning Si!!

CFF1 said...

13 mins 38 secs - legs were shot this morning and it was freezing. Your right there Harris roll on the summer.

30 secs slower than PB will have to try harder next time.

mcgavin said...

14.41 - slight redemption after my failed attempt to better my barbara time! found the runs pretty tough going as haven't done any running for a while. the pouring rain didnt help either!

very impressive time harris - good work.