Tuesday, 13 January 2009

K.B Skills and the Magic 50 WoD - 13/01/09

K.B Skills



"Magic 50"

20Kg K.B

5 swings each arm
5 snatches each arm
10 burpees

rest 1 min

5 rounds

this is a workout from www.rossboxing.com

an old favourite of CFF

the 7pm class meet "Barbara"
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danny said...

really good workout and really hard got 29min.30secs

CFF1 said...

Day 2 of the zone - its great!!!! Found that my hands were to sore this morning to do any k¬bell work so opted to do overhead press in its place. Worked up to a couple of singles with 180lb.
Boy am I sore from Barbara yesterday.

Harris said...

Yep, hands shot to pieces, body sore from Barbara and really needed the easier morning this morning!!

I think Murray expected an easy session this evening little did he know that old bag Barbara was waiting for him!! Ach ach ach ach!!

mcgavin said...

last night was horrendous. thought it was a joke that i was doing the barbara when i first walked in!!

first 3 rounds were going fine then it all went pete tong. have never come so close to puking and had to sit on the toilet for 5 minutes after the workout. was still white as a sheet when i got home!

i hate barbara but hopefully by eating something before i do it the next time i will get my time down a little!! or a lot!!

crossfit fife said...

Opted for shoulder press, my weakest exercise worked up to sets of 3 with 137.5lb loads of work needed there