Monday, 19 January 2009

F.G.B part2 - WoD - 19/01/08

Ballistic warmup up

As the score kinda got messed up, mentioning no names, you are going to partner up, and spot/count each other to get a true score - If correct form is not
done you dont get the rep

Box Jumps
Push press

1 min @ each staion 3 rounds


crossfit fife said...

I got a dreadfull 292 at this today, Im blaming the Russians and guitar hero!! russians for inventing vodka and guitar hero beacuse its addictive!!

tap dancing monkey said...

221 same total as 7 jan 09

Harris said...

305 this morning! However, I did have Danny counting my reps!! This time I managed to go to the correct stations in order!

Pretty pleased with that score as I was still in pain from playing rugby on Saturday.

Harris said...

Guys, I forgot to say in my last post that a mate of mine, Sneds, who stays in Ipswich has been following our workouts from the website. Does anyone out there that happens to read our blog know if there is a Croosfit gym in or near Ipswich that he can get in touch with?

CFF1 said...

316 this morning. Going to have to watch out some of you boys are getting a bit to close for comfort!!!

Just remember that some of you were using the 11 lb ball tonight so adjust your scores suitably!!

Kat said...

Hi Harris,

Have you tried here?

Has some contact numbers listed.


Littleredhead said...

its a secret to when I am coming down, you will just arrange a horrendous workout for me!! A wee clue tho.....its very soon.

mcgavin said...

using the lighter ball just compensates for arnott deliberately getting in my way when moving between exercises! what a clown!

16st6 said...

Typical whinging from Souter! Resting half way through an exercise also affects your score for reference!!

Did you pick up your Sammy the Tammy mug Harris?!

Sneds said...

Hello Crossfit Fifers,

Thought I should drop you all a note to let you know that you lot are an inspirational bunch (yes even you Harris!) - helping to motivate me to get back to fitness after doing my ankle in a few months ago. Thank you.

I don't get back to Dunfy as often as I should, but I'll try and take a look in when I next come up.

Thanks for the suggestion Kat - that site has previously raised my hopes but unfortunately it's Ipswich, Australia not Ipswich, Suffolk! Hopefully we'll get somebody with the gumption, expertise and drive down here to set up something similar to what you folk have.

All the best


Harris said...

Cheers Kat thanks for the reply.

Good to hear from you Sneds, I hope that your search doesn't end in disappointment. There is nothing better than doing Crossfit with clowns like Souter (aka McGavin)!! Maybe there is an Ipswich equivelant! Nah, probably not, there can only be one Souter!!

Arnott, no I didn't get my Sammy the Tammy mug. Would I be correct in thinking this is a chat we had on Saturday night after 7 or 8 pints of The Commercial's finest real ale?!

16st6 said...

Aye left it on the cabinet for you on Monday night. Impressed you remembered that Sat night convo!!

Harris said...

Cheers Arnott. I forgot to pick it up this morning. Will get it when I'm next in on Friday.

Hey I'm amazed I can remember that chat we had on Saturday!! Commercial Inn real ales rock!!