Saturday, 17 January 2009

"Total" - WoD - 17/1/09

Crossfit Total

3 x max singles for each exercise convert to poundage add together giving you your crossfit "total"

Back squat
Shoulder press (static)

Here is a video i found in an old mobile from when we use to train on a sat morning at the glen/rugby park, here is big Neil after the workout doing a "finisher"

I think the new clients would benifit from our old training methods, what do you think? A return to the Glen for sandbag lifts, beer keg clean and press, kettlebells and firemans carries?



Feeling a little "broken" after this but managed to hit my deadlift target that had been set for me to reach by April

198.45 llbs singe lift

Harris said...

Oh dear I remember that morning well!! It was so cold my hands were sticking to the beer kegs we were throwing about!! Quality, Harris' shorts have made it to the world wide web!!

I'm all for some sessions in the glen and at the rugby club, but can we wait until the temperature is comfortably into double figures?!

mcgavin said...

harris, shorts?? aye boxer shorts age 4-6.