Wednesday, 21 January 2009

"Angie" - WoD - 21/1/09

Checking some old pics today, this was taken in May 08, on a sat morning at the Glen
role on the dry weather


100 pullups
100 pressups
100 situps (ab mat feet un-anchored)
100 squats

for time

each exercise must be completed before moving to the next


crossfit fife said...

came in at 19 min 04, strict kips (full R.O.M) ab mat situps, it was only 100 squats, but my legs felt like i done the "Calahonda"


Pretty gutted I didn't manage to finish this one as I couldn't do any push ups after shredding my hands completing my 100 pull ups!

Harris said...

Aaah 26 mins something I think, will need to check the board to confirm!! 100 pull ups started quite well, but decended to 1 rep at a time, and then the there was the press ups!!

Body weight exercises let me down a wee bit this morning. Sit ups and squats weren't so bad though!!

Hey Kat, to complete the pull ups with your hands in that state is an achievement in itself!! Good work.

danny said...

came in at 23.26mins like harris was reduced to some 1 reps lol come on the 1 reps lolarms were burning like mad doing the press ups sit ups and squats were good.good effort by jenny doing the pull ups with state with her hands.

CFF1 said...

18mins 20secs? cant remember the exact secs.

There are going to be a lot of sore people in the morning!!!!

I have the photo of your hands Jen and i will pass it on to Si in the morning so we can post it for all to see what the crossfit girls are all about.

mcgavin said...

tough one but quite enjoyed it - 27 mins and however many seconds, report card would read "pass but could do better" so gives me a decent time to try and better in april.

100 pull ups was a real struggle and i spent half my time on those, press ups were also tough but the sit ups and squats werent too bad.

i wonder what treats are in store for friday!