Monday, 10 November 2008

Stop..Its chipper time - 8/10/08

Return of the Chipper

Ballistic warmup


1 x 200m firemans carry
400m run
Deadlift 225lb x 30
Shoulder press 2 x 20kg plates x 30
O.H.S 95lb x 30
K.B swings 32kg x 30
G.H.S.U x 30
Back Ext x 30
Thrusters 95lb x 30
1 x 200m firemans carry
400m run

couple of pics from 730am class

After the class some of us went for beer and me and Neil gave a crackin rendition of Lionel Ritchies Hello is it me your looking for, (dont know the name) but im gonna dowload it from I tunes right now

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