Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Crossfit Games - 11/7/09

CrossFit games got held on sat 11th, they saw Mikko Salo from Finland win them , and got the title "The fittest man on Earth"

we did our own version with an affiliate WoD and a mash of two of the WoD's

WoD 1

30 wall balls
300m row
30 box jumps
30 K.B swings 24kg
30 dumbell 40lb push press
30 deadlifts 225lb

WoD 2

200m sandbag run 105lb x 2
400 m run

500m row

50 sledge hammer swings

500m row

200m sandbag run 105lb x 2
400m run

then we had a club day out for well deserved burgers and beer( a day of the zone )

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