Wednesday, 10 December 2008

"Grinder" & F.G.B - WoD - 10/12/08


Ballistic warmup

bergener warmup

then "The Grinder"

Push Jerk - 115lb
Hang Power Clean - 115lb
deadlift - 115lb

you perform each of the above exercises in order for 3min each before moving to next ie 3min push jerk, 3min for 1.5 min, repeat each exercise for 2min rest 1min, repeat for 1min rest 30sec, repeat 30sec fin add up your reps

this really burns, but in essence it is a power clean and jerk, and will be making an apperance at the pm class very soon

the idea was to do this at the pm class but we had alot of clients, and F.G.B was pulled from the hopper deck(chuckle) thanks Chet for sending us up the decks



Wall Ball
Box Jumps
Push Press

perform each exercise for 1min before moving to next, no rest, once 5 exercises have been completed rest for 1min, repeat 3 times

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FK.UK said...

No worries re the Hopper Decks mate - good to see they are getting put to good use ;-)